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It develops according to the established choreography, in the combination of effects, sounds and colors giving rise to designs and pyrotechnic sequences of high satisfaction for the spectators.


Music and fireworks are the main agents for the realization of this spectacle. Pyrotechnic articles are included taking into account the selection of colors and effects. The visual and sound interpretation of each moment is performed by specific musical themes demonstrating a perfect synchronization.


The different effects produced by the pyrotechnic elements are reflected in the mirror of the surface of the water providing unique visual scenarios and impacts. This show connects two primary elements, water and fire.


In theatrical productions, musical groups, weddings, presentations of companies and products and other forms of spectacles, J. Vieira develops projects according to the purpose of each event. The release of confettis and the scenic effects allow the creation of appropriate choreographies for each show.

Filhos Lda

J. Vieira & Filhos Ltd. is a leading company in design and production of fireworks shows in Portugal. Tradition, experience and innovation, piromusicais. A música e o fogo de artifício são os agentes principais para a concretização deste espectáculo.