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J. Vieira & Filhos Ltd. is a leading company in design and production of fireworks shows in Portugal.
Tradition, experience and innovation characterize the company in pyrotechnic art having as basic principles of efficiency, quality and safety.
In each show that conceives and produces the J. Vieira & Filhos Lda applies a set of techniques using sophisticated equipment that provide a pyrotechnic architecture of excellent quality.


The company’s history began with Domingos Vieira in 1892, when it started its activity in the production of gunpowder and other pyrotechnic articles.
Continuing the craft, Augusto Vieira in 1956 became responsible for developing one of the pioneers at the national level, in the production of fireworks.
In 1978, based on the same philosophy of tradition and knowledge combined with innovation and creativity, born with José Vieira, the Pirotécnica J. Vieira & Filhos, Lda., A company that won several trophies and keeps the essence of old, handed down from generation to generation until the present day.